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travel insurance

Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurers:
travel health insurance

There are two major coverage aspects in travel insurance.

One is Travel Medical to cover medical health insurance for unexpected medical care.

The other is Trip Protection for non-medical problems that may arise.

Travel Medical:

Click on a box above. Each box is for a different insurance company that offers individual travel health insurance. You can get quotes and plan details on many plans, compare, and apply online.

Short term is for up to a year and available from all six choices above. Long term is for over a year, available from Azimuth (above), then select "Meridian Clear".

Since they specialize in travel situations, travel insurance may be more user friendly than out-of-country coverage that may be included in ordinary health insurance. Travel insurers have staff who are experienced in handling the various situations that may occur outside the country.

Short term travel health insurance is designed to protect you against an unexpected sickness or accidental injury while travelling. It is not priced to provide unlimited coverage for ongoing pre-existing conditions, i.e., what you already have a history of, and some policies may only cover such conditions for acute, unexpected incidents up to a limit like $1,000 or $2,500 or so.

However, MNU and SRI cover an acute life-threatening onset of pre-existing conditions up to the policy maximum as specified in the respective policy documents.

Azimuth Meridian also has some pre-existing coverage subject to certain stipulations as specified in the policy. Please call with any questions at 303-722-2222.

Trip Protection:

Unlike travel health insurance, trip protection is typically designed to protect your investment cost for the trip and to protect against other things that can go wrong.

For longer trips, HTH trip protection has the longest period of coverage. Trips for up to one year can be covered.

SRI trip protection is limited to up to 90 day trips. IMG trip protection is for up to 30 day trips. These limits do not apply to their medical insurance coverage.

Most trips don't have major problems but there are hazards. Travel providers can default financially, cancelling trips, delaying trips, or going out of business without warning. Trips can suffer unanticipated interruptions. Baggage can be lost, damaged, or delayed in arrival. Passports and tickets can be lost or stolen. Rental cars can be damaged.

Tour, cruise, and travel package customers can lose some or all of their pre-paid vacation payments because of adverse weather or natural disaster, sickness, injury or death of an immediate family member, personal sickness or injury, jury duty, an act of terrorism, or financial default by the travel supplier.

international travel insurance

In addition to medical emergencies covered by travel health insurance, medical evacuation by specially equipped aircraft back to the U.S. may be necessary if local facilities are not adequate to provide proper care.

Identity theft is another hazard of travelling if personal documents are misplaced or stolen.

A 24 hour emergency hotline can be of great assistance for such things as help with cash advances, legal referrals, lost ticket and passport assistance, nurse helpline, and emergency prescription refills. Concierge services through your insurance provider can make the vacation more enjoyable.

As well as planning your trip carefully, it can pay to plan your insurance protection carefully also.

Group Health:

MNU (HCC Medical Ins. Svces.) and IMG both have coverage designed specifically for groups.

HTH wil cover up to 10 people on each of its Trip Protector plans.

 low cost travel insurance

SRI does not have a "standard" coverage for groups, but will customize group travel plans for larger groups that do regular travel.

NOTE: The information on this page was current when written but may have changed. Click on the links to the insurance company sites for current information. Coverage is not determined by any statement on this website but by the insurance policy alone.